How could one million dollars change the course of your life? One million dollars isn’t as far off as it may seem. College graduates earn an average of one million dollars more in their lifetime than individuals who just a high school diploma. Earning a college degree is more than just a personal achievement— it’s an investment for the future of your family, your community, and your economy. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the benefits of a college degree.

The Million Dollar Question - Infographic

Undergraduate Enrollment Data College Retention Data College Going Rates Data Education Attainment Data Destination: Degree Degrees Matter Degrees At Work Count Me In! Pledge 2014 Education Scorecard 2014 Education Scorecard MoveEd American FactFinder Work-Life Earnings by Field of Degree and Occupation for People With a Bachelor's Degree: 2011 Job Growth and Education Requirements Through 2020 Is College Worth it for Me? Access to Attainment - IHEP 55,000 Degrees NowSourcing

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