After learning more about the three pledge levels TAKE THE PLEDGE and your program, event, and/or effort will be included, shared, and highlighted for others to learn about, join in, and support.

What is a student pledge?

Students pledge to be one of the 55,000 Degrees! This means being proactive about the pursuit of a college degree. Some of these proactive steps are being resilient in times of hardship and taking advantage of available resources and opportunities focused on student success.

Examples of student pledges: seeking academic, financial, and emotional support from schools, community educational sources and online resources to make sure he or she is on track to completing a college degree.

What is an advocate?

Advocates pledge to use their talents, time and resources to raise awareness and visibility for 55,000 Degrees. The advocate pledge is based on the premise that no act is too small and every person has a role to play!

Examples of advocacy: regularly tutoring or mentoring, offering college awareness and college-going programming, creating a scholarship fund, idea sharing, promoting education programs and opportunities or volunteering during education events and college fairs.

What is a partner?

Organizations pledge to use their talents, time and resources to claim ownership for a specific number of degrees and will provide the support, resources and strategies to help the students successfully complete their degrees.

Examples of organizational or partner-level actions include churches, community organizations and businesses “claiming” a portion of the 55,000 Degrees goal by identifying a specified number of students they will support between now and 2020 to complete their college degrees.