After learning more about the three pledge levels TAKE THE PLEDGE and your program, event, and/or effort will be included, shared, and highlighted for others to learn about, join in, and support.

What is an advocate?

Advocates pledge to use their talents, time and resources to raise awareness and visibility for 55,000 Degrees. The advocate pledge is based on the premise that no act is too small and every person has a role to play! An advocate-level pledge entails an occasional or one-time volunteer effort or can be a consistent show of visible support for education and 55,000 Degrees. The goal for advocates is to keep the vision of 55,000 Degrees in the forefront of public awareness and to volunteer when possible with programs that support any and all of 55K’s five objectives.

How to be an advocate: idea sharing

Some examples of advocacy-level actions include sharing college access information with someone you know, advocating for policy changes in our local, state, and federal government, fundraising for scholarships or gift in kind donations, and representing 55,000 Degrees at college fairs, public events, etc. as a 55K Ambassador.

What is an ally?

Allies pledge to use their talents, time and resources to lead and support high impact educational programs around the five objectives. High impact programs generally provide consistent and sustained support to students at any educational level and often require a substantive commitment from the student to participate. Organizations and individuals can pledge their support as allies by volunteering with, participating in or leading a high impact educational program.

How to be an ally: idea sharing

Some examples of ally-level actions include setting up a scholarship fund for local college students, regularly tutoring or mentoring a student, incorporating college-going information into programs at your organization, or providing flexible work schedules at your business to accommodate adult students returning for their degree.

What is a partner?

Partners pledge to use their talents, time, and resources to see a specific number of students through to degree completion. In the spirit of “One Degree at a Time,” Partners will claim ownership for a specified number of degrees and will identify the programs, support systems, and/or strategies they plan to provide to students.

How to be a partner: idea sharing

Some examples of partner-level actions include churches and community organizations identifying five students they will support between now and 2020 to complete their college education, a parent pledging to support their child through to college graduation, or an adult pledging to personally return to college and complete their degree. Also, an organization or company can join the Degrees At Work program to pledge to support a specific number of their employees in completing a college degree.