Submitted by:

Judy Lambeth for Maryhurst

We'll take ownership!

We pledge to:

  • Ensure 30 students graduate college by 2020.
  • Create and support a college-going culture.
  • Prepare Students for success in college, career, citizenship, and life.
  • Increase educational persistence, performance, and progress.

Project Description:

Maryhurst runs a school on our Dorsey Lane campus in collaboration with Jefferson County Public Schools. More than 90% of the middle and high school students in our care test below grade level in math and reading, and almost half of those students are more than 3 grade levels behind. More than 60% of our students qualify for special education services. We employ numerous strategies including credit recovery, one-on-one instruction, alternative classrooms, and GED programming to help our children succeed in school. We routinely graduate high school seniors and recognize GED recipients four times a year. Our Transitional Living staff work with each of these students to help them take the next step towards post-secondary education. Every student is led through a career assessment process and is taken on college visits. Staff helps with the college application process (admission, financial aid, housing) and provides extensive support as our young adults start their college careers. Staff has helped with middle of the night emergencies, roommate disputes, and missing textbooks. They have helped students learn TARC routes and find classrooms; accompanied students to the doctor and helped celebrate birthdays. Nine of our high school graduates enrolled as full-time college students this fall and have all been paired up with mentors who will provide them additional support. We enjoy partnerships with several local companies who provide internships for our students to expose them to various career opportunities and the required educational paths for each.